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Many people are struggling to identify a profession they wish to pursue. Many of them are successful in their attempts in their quest but others don’t. There is no doubt that it is crucial to pick the best job and put in an effort to be an expert. If not, one could be afflicted by a sense of discontentment with their life, poor, and lack of motivation to create new goals and reach them. It is a blessing that I know what I want to become in the near future and am working tirelessly to transform my long-held ambition into a reality. So, I’m currently being employed in the field of dental assistance as well as working towards becoming an appointment as a dental hygiene assistant to become a top professional.

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To start I am aware of the abilities needed to be a successful dental hygiene professional and have invested a lot of time building these skills. In particular, every professional should have the technical capabilities and know-how to succeed at work. Utilizing my study process, reading nonfiction texts and searching for various images help me develop my technological skills and help me become more comfortable. In addition interpersonal skills are essential for every employee working at a dental clinic in which patient interactions play a crucial part. Learning to develop interpersonal skills is a slow and complex process, however I truly love it. Additionally all dental hygiene professionals must pay attention to the finer points because a tool that is not sterilized could have a variety of negative results.

It is essential to highlight the benefitsthat are obtainable by becoming a dental hygienist. Because they can motivate me to do my best. Pay that is competitive is among the biggest benefits of this occupation. If people make enough money and live a better life, they will since they’re not worried about financial concerns and can are more focused on their professional and personal growth. Dental hygienists also hold the position of having many opportunities to further advance. Therefore, it’s always possible to assume new responsibilities or earn more. Furthermore, “job prospects are expected to be quite good considering that the number of jobs available for this field is predicted to be higher than the number of students who graduate from dental hygiene schools” ( Occupational Outlook Handbook). In addition, dental hygienists enjoy the chance to work in a social environment that creates a relaxed and a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition, I will describe my reasons for believing that the career of a dental hygienist is the right one for me. First, I have extensive experience in dental hygiene and have worked in the dental office alongside true professionals. It is vital to be a professional who has to constantly improve their knowledge. It’s never been an issue for me to keep up-to-date with new details about oral hygiene or health generally. The reason I do this is the fact that I am delighted in the process of acquiring additional information and watching the way it is implemented at the dental office. In my experience, I am often given the chance to discuss various dental concerns with my colleagues and apply my expertise into practice. So, I’ve realized that I possess exceptional technical capabilities and skills that are essential for an effective dental hygiene professional.

Second, I am able to handle diverse people and have impressive interpersonal abilities. Communication is crucial for dental hygienists who must listen attentively to patients, teach them, adjust to their own unique personality as well as be ethical and compassionate. They should also “be sensitive when dealing with patients, particularly for those who are sensitive to pain or are afraid of undergoing dental treatments” ( Occupational Outlook Handbook). I’ve developed exceptional interpersonal skills through volunteering. I intend to enhance my skills in the coming years since they are crucial in today’s world. It is no doubt that I am a fan of being around different people and finding ways to interact with each one. Thus, I am eager to tackle the task of dealing with patients from different backgrounds and be able to successfully manage it.

Third, I am an unstoppable desire to be an outstanding dental Hygienist. For instance, while working in the field of dental assistant I will often arrive early, stay until late and do extra work. I really enjoy working with a dental hygienist who imparts his expertise and expertise. It is no doubt that working at the dental office is not only about my job but about the lifestyle I would like to live. But, I would like to be more responsible and be able to communicate with patients on my own and resolve various issues. So, I spend the majority of my time getting knowledge and experience that will enable me realize my dream of becoming an experienced dental hygienist to reality.


In the end, I am able to affirm that the profession of a dental hygiene professional is my ideal career choice. I have many of the abilities required to succeed in this field. The advantages that I can achieve, inspire me to pursue my studies for the position of a dental hygienist more intensely and also work as a dental assistant with more dedication. My impressive technical skills and interpersonal skills show that I made the right decision regarding my career. In addition, my passion for what I do motivates me to take advantage of every opportunity to move toward my goal in life.

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