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The steps in the department’s hiring process

The state police department of the Ohio state police has a number of and important aspects which are typically taken in the recruitment process for potential police officers. A lot of consideration is taken into seriously when everyone involved who is a candidate for recruitment is considered to be equal to the other regardless of the particular group that one is from (John Mike and John Mike 1996). The criteria for recruitment in Ohio and throughout the rest of the states of the nation ensure that there aren’t any minority or dominant groups within the department of police. Prior to the process of recruiting the candidates must be aware of what is expected and what is expected from them.

The steps involved in the process of selection

The process of selecting police officers is a lengthy, complex and highly competitive. It is essentially a sequence of assessments, interviews and analysis steps that are designed to select the most suitable candidate for a police department out of all who are highly qualified for the position. Written ability tests are typically given to applicants to determine their deductive reasoning in writing and their expression in relation to the aptitude in line with this, there are personal interviews.

The person who is selected in the process of selection has to ensure that can submit an appropriately completed application form to ensure they are able to be confident in the selection process(Robert Kim and Robert 2002).. The process is then followed by an examination that is written, which is the usual examination normally given. The written test is designed to test whether the applicant is proficient in writing abilities.

The new tests have been designed and much interest has been shown in the use of computers for Ohio State Police Departments. The test is designed to decreasing bias, which can lead to favor certain applicants and help them to live up to the best possible candidates. The conduct of an oral test is the following stage in the process of selection. The candidate will be evaluated for character traits that are relevant to the position of a police officer and authenticity, command presence as well as the ability to communicate with programmers. willingness to accept sentences, stress, and confidence.

The next stage involves psychological testing , where the evaluation of the ability to make a an informed decision is taken into consideration. This test is focused specifically on the past of an candidate and seeks to eliminate instances that had mental health issues in the past (Robert and Kim 2002).The candidates are then put to a polygraph test to determine if the information provided is reliable or not. The physical health and drug test are then part of the process of selection. These tests is to determine if your health candidate is in danger or not.the medical tests typically focus on wellness and whether the candidate had an intake of drugs. Once all these issues have been addressed The superintendent then reviews the dossiers to get clarification.

The process of training

The first stage of training is the recruitment process, which involves ensuring officers understand the laws of the state which gives them an notion of what their work is about. The officers must undergo an official training at an academy. They are recruited by the academy. graduated usually undergo the field training in order to reinforce the theories they went through the academies (John and Mike 1996 ). They also have to be trained in the use of fire weapons where the correct use of guns is clear and precise identification of the usage can be proposed.The training also includes the in-service training in which the knowledge and skills of the officers of the past are kept up to date.

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