Career Management Program to Create an effective sales team

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Career management program

Making a career management strategy requires a thorough analysis of the job to determine the exact requirements for each job. The objective of the team is to raise the volume of sales for the business unit to new levels. The team is comprised of a mix of people who have specialized expertise about the selling of cleaning supplies and the sales of services for cleaning. The program of training aimed at guiding them to maximize sales by teamwork (Success by people Para 3 from 2007).

The plan for career development is designed to tie the company’s objectives and its employees’ performance. People who show a sense of urgency and dedication are rewarded with higher salary and promotion. But, learning skills is a top priority by any team member who is eager to take part in learning.

Giving feedback

Feedback is essential. The process of giving feedback involves the analysis of employees’ sales performance and taking corrective actions to motivate them towards higher performance. The evaluation of weak points will be a importance with the goal of strengthening the group. A successful feedback process depends on the capability of managers to communicate effectively and create an acceptable and mutually agreeable benchmark for each employee (Lindenberger, the n. D, Par 4-5).

Every person will be assessed on the basis of the ability of him to attract new customers to purchase cleaning products, as well as their sales records. The ability to attract new customers and create new revenues for services for clean is also a factor. The process of evaluation will be based on the analysis of the background of every team member. People who have previously been involved in the marketing for cleaning supplies will see their evaluation focusing more on the ability of their team to sell cleaning products. The ones who were previously involved in selling cleaning services will be able to have their evaluation concentrate more on their progress in selling cleaners (Erven 2001, Par 3,).

When they have collected the data, management must then analyse the data and create an evaluation of the employee’s performance. The report of evaluation will be shared with employees in a candid manner, but with respect. Instead of telling employees that the employee did not meet of expectations and that a any further inconsistency could result in dismissal, the senior managers will suggest ways to improve the performance of employees and then share these with the employees. In the final review, there will be a consensus regarding the expectations for the future of each employee at the time of the next review (Marshall 2009, Par 3.).

A special consideration will be given for young employees to go through additional training in marketing and sales. Any employee who wants to complete the course of obtaining a diploma in sales or marketing must submit a formal request to the department of human resources at minimum two months before the commencement of the course in order to ensure proper preparation.

Parents with dual careers.

The fundamental principle in managing dual-career parents is that they are entrusted with additional social responsibilities, primarily through parenting. In this context there is an option of e-learning in which the student is provided with online learning materials in order that he can learn at home. They can also choose to enrolling for online degree and certificates (Dickerson and Hester 1984 , Para 4,).

The ability to adapt to the diversity

The ability to dramatically increase sales is due to the capacity to capitalize on the diversity of various employees that are employed. Five employees come from diverse origins and education backgrounds. Sales personnel will be encouraged to use the unique advantages offered by the back ground of employees to boost sales. The older employees will be given younger assistants to promote the idea of taking lessons from the top. The young will be trained to fill the positions filled by their senior employees in the near future.

In this way, Jim Martin would be motivated to come up with new ways to boost sales and to implement the ideas. This is due to the fact that he is open to new ideas and has a lot of knowledge. Shane is incentivised to make use of his aggressiveness by providing bonuses and higher commissions. By doing this, he can make even more deals. Tom Gonzalez has 25 years experience and certainly belongs to the class of workers who are older. Team members who are younger can be incentivised to work with Tom to gain knowledge. Ving Hsu will act as the trainer for all new employees, and will continue to assist the industrial cleaning aspect of the business in order to earn royalties from clients.

Mark Pearce is a young and aggressive salesperson. He is guided to work under one of the more experienced team members and to learn more about the sales techniques. Additionally, he will be encouraged to take on additional formal education that he chooses, but not related to sales.

The advantages expected from continual encouragement of the team’s professional growth will be numerous. First, every team member will be constantly being challenged to face more challenging and diverse problems. The positive effect these challenges have on employees is extremely beneficial. Growth prospects ensure that you retain more employees. The turnover of employees is anticipated to be low which means that the company will not have to spend money having to engage in constant recruitment. With this in mind, it’s cost-effective to establish the program. The only expenses to be paid are the costs incurred by the employee as well as the time spent during the learning process. These costs are lower than the anticipated benefits.

The management plan if properly implemented and adjusted to tackle the upcoming issues will result in a more efficient sales team. The volume of sales for both products sold will dramatically increase and profit margins increased because of the lower number of sales personnel that are more effective.

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