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Justification of the principle idea

In the wake of current demands in various jobs, it’s obvious that employees are striving to be successful in their careers in the shortest time possible. Marketing is used as a way to “break the ice” in job advertisements of the present. Furthermore, jobs in marketing require a particular talent to map out the path for success in career. It’s a difficult way of planning that requires great outcomes in the short term and long-term.

The report presents a concept of marketing used to evaluate personal self-evaluation implications for this specific job family. The focus is primarily drawn by the professions that are consecutive, which allow one in the direction of achieving to the position of your dreams. Therefore, it is essential to find at least five consecutive jobs. It is then necessary to compare these with their personal KSAs. The report should also be detailing the different ways of doing things and the challenges related to the methods of survival while seeking an improved “place in the world.” To stay on the primary goals, it is essential to bring all issues relating on marketing to the.

Making a career map

The quest for the best in career opportunities should be planned in a proper method. This means that the primary aspects should be able to show the rationale of taking a step forward in each new phase of employment. A self-reliant and self-conscientious worker should define the goal of moving up the career ladder. Each step in the process of moving from one job to the next must be addressed as a difficult task that was successfully overcome. However an effective planner is one who critises the obstacles that he/she has to get over.

Customer service advisor

These five roles are displayed in ascending order starting from the bottom and ending at the top of the career mapping. The first position is of a worker of the customer service department. This is a position in a call center. This is where you can get moving. By taking care of your the needs of customers, every employee gains an excellent reputation for the company through its the survival of profits, their growth and expansion (Lamb et al. (2008)). It is essential to master how to communicate effectively with customers and understanding their requirements and concerns. In trying to cover these aspects that concern corporate morality, one takes leaps into understanding the fundamentals of savvy communication.

The first position in the career path helps newbies comprehend the essential concepts of successful marketing and the launch of products, as well as enhancing customers’ interest. The marketing strategy of a certain company is a policy that is to be taken in by all employees and taken as a fact. To ensure you are on the right of being on the safe side, employees should consider different training opportunities (on-job as well as off-job learning). This unique step will reveal the current trends of an employee and development initiatives of the top organizations in the field of training employees. Additionally, it will provide a boost of confidence to employees in call centers or customer service generally. It’s the right the right time for young specialists to show or prove their KSAs to an executive team. Also, one should view individual achievements as a sort of achievement to achieving the ultimate objective.

Sales advisor

Next step on the realm of marketing involves launching products for clients. It’s the frontal method to engage two parties (a firm and a customer) by way of an advisor. The person who is appointed or promoted to this position must clearly be aware of the range of the products offered and sold by the business. Additionally, they should know the most efficient methods of aiding customers in purchasing the product they want. In a society brimming with ICT and competition between top businesses, sales advisors are into “commodity hell” (Ferrell Hartline and Ferrell 2007). However, any issues can be overcome if one was aware of the particulars of their job in the customer support department from the beginning. However, the upper management of the business offers various courses to enhance the company’s culture. Therefore, sales advisors must keep an eye at every chance to gain knowledge and apply it to their work.

When performing best in the job that of sales consultant, employees should be aware when giving tips to customers. It is an error for the majority of staff members to believe that they can converse verbally without having any understanding of the product they want. This is a danger for all employees of the organization. In the event of a failure to meet one of the required requirements, the employee is at risk of falling in “professional delays.” The phrase “system” could be interpreted as a unique feature of marketing and a distinct company particularly. The systematic nature of the changes in external and internal interactions with the company needs to be dealt with by the employee (Pike (2004)). Sales advisor is someone who knows how the company operates in the present. Furthermore, sales advisors have a unique way of communicating with clients without having any negative impact on the reputation of the company.

Coordinator for sales and marketing

The uniqueness of this position when compared to the prior two is that it’s linked to the top level of management the company’s hierarchy. In this sense, the selling and marketing coordinators must be proficient inthe following areas:

  1. Information base (higher education or academic degree MBA);
  2. Three years of minimal experience;
  3. Communication of high-quality within the staff as well as with customers.

These are generalizations to ensure the authenticity of launching marketing programs by the business. Also it is not possible for an amateur to be able to do the job. Therefore, in order to clarify the situation that an employee has his or her personal motivations to lead the company towards achievement every now and again. It must be recognized and appreciated by the upper management. The step-by-step process of doing the job effectively, and a degree of determination to demand more is essential. These actions can help boost a person’s chances of promotion within the workplace. Stanley (2003) notes the trilateral unity of relationships used by a sales and marketing sale coordinator , in terms of direct marketing. For instance:

  • Client-based relationships;
  • Agency-based relationships;
  • Supplier-based agreements.

The analysis of all marketing techniques includes a variety of methods and strategies used and practiced by companies to leave their competitors behind. Therefore, the role of career development is vital. There is no stability in marketing, as ideas and knowledge are scattered among competitors. Therefore, in accordance with KSA strategy, both the sales and marketing coordinators should be able to think on their feet. In order to bring new perspective for the company you must be able to fully embrace the position. In communicating with the management team as well as experts from the area of marketing technology It is essential to consider the different views of them. After that, the information could be used as a basis to develop a personal scenarios for the company.

Furthermore A coordinator must be able to accurately involve strategies and people across the globe in which time is crucial. So, a coordinator needs to be aware of various connections which drive marketing. Wolpert (2008 in 21). 21) acknowledges that anyone who decides to go with the marketing route of career development must pay attention to:

  • Marketing of products;
  • Field marketing;
  • Segment marketing;
  • Marketing partner;
  • Competitive analysis.

The latter should serve as the basis for making a decisions about pursuing perfection in career. Examining all the aspects of your individual accomplishments and actions within the workplace an expert in marketing prevents himself/herself from falling into a bog of illusions. In reality, a marketing as well as sales director is who is responsible for a team of employees to manage and a horde of clients to please and a large number of suppliers that must make arrangements. It is wrong to minimize the dangers of this job. But, anyone who has a solid foundation of marketing understands that defining the time frame and mapping tasks as well as responsibilities are the most effective method to organize things.

Director, Business Development

The distinctiveness of this position is that it is a position for those with more than five years’ experience in senior positions related to marketing. Furthermore, it is believed to be the highest point on the ladder of careers for most people. According to KSAs, being director is the result of a variety of check-outs that demonstrate your personal determination to help the company (companies) succeed relative to the nearest competitors. This is a common belief among employees. In order to become a leader, you must be and behave as an effective leader throughout the entire process prior to. This is the primary reason for people to be in the position of director within marketing departments.

Therefore, a directors of business development must have a variety of abilities that are appropriate for the job. In the first place, directors are a superb organizer of the day’s routines. With the huge amount of work to be completed within all hours of the day, a professional will not waste time and rely on every minute of each day. Thus, the experience of managing work could be beneficial. Furthermore directors of business development is able to divide various aspects of work to subordinates. They are also the managers of human resources in the business division of the firm.

In order to provide exceptional strategies, directors of business development needs to be knowledgeable about marketing communications. In a world of information swarms, it’s crucial to make use of communications. As a group of people discuss the best way to begin marketing communication the director examines prior experience, both personal and global. After weighing all the pros and cons the person decides about the most effective method of marketing communication. Therefore, it is possible to draw a conclusion that a director of business development to be a key player in marketing communications. Lamb et al. (2008, page. 414) acknowledge that, generally directors in marketing is required to have “overall responsibility for managing the company’s marketing communications.”

Another ability that must be acquired prior to the role of director is the evaluation of objectives to be met each month and every year. It’s not true that marketing never stops moving along without defining time frames. Directors of business development needs to be innovative and decisive when it comes to methods of creating a positive environment for business growth. The development process in this regard is also upward-oriented. Also, when working with colleagues, clients and partners with higher status Directors should stay within the guidelines of business behavior. Directorship is someone who seems to be diligent and has is a leader in promoting the company’s performance with clients and competitors and also. Although it might appear, a director in business development is in the office throughout the day and is never away from their work location until all work is completed for today and is set for the next day.

Vice-President of Global Marketing

In addition, this particular job is thought as having the highest level in the classification of career opportunities in marketing. Vice presidents should be able to direct subordinates (directors or senior managers) into directors, and chiefs of various subsidiaries belonging to the firm in the globe and within the country of its parent). However it is a decisive individual who can influence the company’s strategy through having meetings in the president’s board. To attain this position, you must be able to demonstrate a rational and dexterous method of implementing new strategies to boost the performance of the company. Also, it is about relationships beyond the workplace.

High professionalism, self-esteem and confidence in the field of profiling (marketing) as well as huge amounts of experience and knowledge (at minimum ten years in the top jobs) are the hallmarks of a vice president in global marketing. In order to be a part of the global aspect of marketing the vice president must be fluent in several languages. It’s a must in fact. Furthermore one of the primary skills is to communicate effectively with people with different characteristics If it’s strategically profitable for the business. The position of vice president only is selected to show an art of marketing also. This is because the person who holds the position is almost identical to obligations to the CEO as well as the board of shareholders. However, the range of the issues to be addressed must be determined by previously established implications that will help the working process of the entire company.

In this regard, one requires an example to take as a benefit in breaking the boundaries between the dreamer and the person. Ferrell & Hartline (2007) present in their research the character of George Bodenheimer, the president of ESPN. He was a hardworking and innovative person throughout his career. The person who was in charge of keeping the culture of ESPN which worked to the benefit of the company (Ferrell Hartline and Ferrell 2007). Personal checks outs of customers’ needs to be matched to what subordinates are saying. usually places the president at the middle of everything that is happening within the company. The vice president in turn assists in finding the most effective method to please the one who is the most powerful over him/her.

Alternative ways of progress

The above-mentioned description of the hypothesized career possibilities must include a strategy “B” for the shorter and long-term view. This means that the above-described levels are achievable when a person employs various methods of influence and interaction with others with regard to professional interests. Being on the edge of personal and professional life One should put more effort on how dominant people were taught to live. The process of analyzing similar situations will certainly give the mind of a winning person. With the power of persuasiveness and the individual’s success you, it’s easy to achieve the plan that was laid out at the beginning.

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