CRS Model for Career Relative Service in College Dropouts, and CCIS Model

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Many school children or their parents can afford higher education as it is a financial burden and substantial mental and psychological effort. This is a major issue since higher education is thought to be vital to ensure a person’s professional advancement in the future. While they are enrolled at a university but it isn’t a guarantee that everything will be perfect. This is due to the fact that there are many things that aren’t easy for experienced and novice students and can result in abandonment. One of these is the choice that is not the best for an occupation in the workplace appears to have a significant impact.

This issue is integral to the current educational system, making it essential to address the situation. This is why it is vital to be aware of strategies that concentrate on careers-related services for college dropouts. The CCIS model is a good option to develop a module that introduces students to information about careers.

Strategies and Plans for College Dropouts and Strategies

First of all we should be aware that a variety of reasons can cause dropping out of college. For instance, it is due to the incorrect choice of college, lack of enthusiasm for further education, financial difficulties and difficulties with mastering the course and many more. While all of these factors can have an impact on students, one of the most detrimental choices stands out from the rest. According to Zunker it is widely believed nowadays that children should participate in continuous learning (394). So, the wide range of causes and the importance of education suggest that a variety of strategies and plans are required to tackle the issue at hand.

Some strategies and plans may focus on services related to careers for college graduates who drop out. These strategies need to influence a variety of aspects of personal and academic life for success. First, personal aspects relate to the importance of family and education for families. The right early childhood programs can enhance the mental capabilities of children and help them make the right decision when it comes to selecting colleges.

It is also possible to establish a systematic approach that results by introducing the suitable changes to the educational system. This refers to the review of college policies and goals to ensure they meet demands of the market for jobs more specifically. Furthermore it is also possible to improve education by using new technologies which are believed to boost the quality of education substantially. Additionally, numerous programs that aim to improve the image of higher education and a successful careers prove to be efficient (Zunker 394). Therefore, they are well-known strategies and plans that could be employed to tackle the problem under investigation.

It is believed that a successful education program must include specific strategies. An integrated method of dealing with the issue is considered to be most effective because it affects various aspects. It is therefore sensible to deal with the issue of college dropouts earlier instead of addressing their effects. This refers to the importance of early career-related education. can be beneficial to this purpose. When children and their parents envision a future career right from the beginning this increases the likelihood that the child will select the appropriate college. This increases the importance of parents in preventing dropping out of college. Additionally numerous career planning events in schools can help with this particular situation.

Teachers and tutors are able to get children part in discussions about their future career choices and careers, they are able to help them make an informed decision (Zunker 391). Although the two examples above influence the psychological causes of school dropouts, a lot of schools deal with educational issues. This is due with the reality that certain schools provide specialized classes that teach students to meet college requirements. Therefore, a successful instructional program must address the various aspects of dropping out of college.

A module to introduce students in high school to career Information Resources Using the CCIS Model

CCIS CCIS (Curricular Career Information Service) is “an innovative system for providing educational and career information” that was launched in Florida in the year 1975 (Zunker 401). The CCIS program gives students different career-planning guidelines. Furthermore it’s a multimedia program that employs an instructional model that helps learners make the right choices. The CCIS has proven its effectiveness that is why it is that a lot of career centers utilize it. The program is made up of several modules, each one of which are responsible for providing specific information starting from the basic tenets that the system teaches to advice on career planning to African Americans.

Additionally in addition, the CCIS model is a good way to expose high school students to resources for career information. They include websites, services, as well as other types of phenomena which provide youngsters with valuable information about careers as well as their pros and cons as well as ways to be successful in obtaining them, and many more. Everything necessary for high school students is provided in the appropriate CCIS module.

It is possible to call it The Power of Information: How to Find It and How to Utilize It. This title describes the basic concepts of the module in general and demonstrates it is information that constitutes the most important source of information when it comes to making decisions. CCIS’s CCIS course will built on two major goals. The first objective is to aid students to determine the most reliable information sources for careers, including websites and career centers. The second aim is to train students to evaluate this information in order in order to select the best career route.

Additionally, the course will also include some actions that will assist in achieving the above goals. It will firstly refer to a slide show that will provide an array of helpful sources of information on careers which can be found on the internet or in person. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to utilize Career Key to find a job that is in their areas of particular interest. At the conclusion of this program, students will possess the following competencies and knowledge. On one side, they will have a good understanding of a large quantity of sources to locate and evaluate the current information regarding the careers available. In addition they’ll be proficient in the use of applications to search for job opportunities.


Making the right choice for your career is a challenging task which is why many people who fail here. This situation gets more severe when it becomes apparent that students must make this choice. It is, therefore, one of the reasons which increase the rate of college dropouts. Presently, a myriad of strategies and plans can be used to tackle the issue that are being studied. The most effective ought to be included in an educational program that addresses different aspects of the issue. Additionally is that the CCIS model is effective in introducing students from high school to the career information sources. It’s possible because of the meticulously developed curriculum which has specific goals actions, outcomes, and objectives.

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