Dual-Career Policy for Couples in organizations

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The company recognizes, hires and assists dual-career couples particularly those who are committed to the development and growth of the organization.

Definition: Couples with dual careers

Dual-career couples are couples that both have professional backgrounds and want to work, but they take care of their families, which require them to be within the same geographic area or in the same business.

The policies

Help with child-care

The company will offer day care services for couples who have two caregivers and will support them in any way that’s within the capabilities of the business to meet the needs by couples who are dual-carers in the field of childcare for children.

Assistance for finding work

The company will take on the trailing partner in case there was a vacancy or if it’s feasible to make one. If not the company will help the couple who is trailing to the greatest extent to find employment at a different organization near to their home town. In certain other instances, the company may allow jobs shared between two couples who are dual-career.

Flexible time off

The company offers an opportunity for couples with dual careers to take time off such for sick leave as well as vacation leave. Both leaves may be combined in the event that couples request it. Also, any leave time not used may be carried over as per the couple’s preference.

Conflict of interests

Anyone who shares an appointment is allowed to vote at faculty meetings The faculty members can assume administrative duties however neither can decide on personnel issues which affect one’s rank or status. Neither can be responsible for taking decisions about the conditions of the other’s job. Two people sharing appointments will not normally participate on the same committee.

The misuse of dual-career rights

The rights granted to dual-career couples must not be used to any extent. If employees are discovered to have taken advantage of the benefits, severe sanctions will be imposed on them.


The policy’s provisions provide a list of areas the company is considering implementing for couples with dual careers with each having their own implications.

The company is supportive of couple who have a dual career because they benefit the business. According to research the dual-career couples who work in the same organizations share (in broad terms) the same goals and goals They are more committed to the organization than regular staff, and also are also known as being able to put in long hours working. A policy that is supportive and supports couples who have dual care can aid in attracting and keeping productive employees.

The offering of child care as well as assistance with job search as well as allowing flexible time off can be a cost to the business. One is that the business be liable for expenses associated with the implementation of the day-care programs. Furthermore, helping the couple who are both working to find work for their spouses who are trailing them could result in the company having to pay for traveling and communication costs. The worst part is that the efforts of the business to help the couple could not result in satisfactory results over time, resulting in increased expenses for the company as well as to the loss of the employed spouses of the couple who are dual-career. The flexibility of time off offered by flexible hours is an opportunity for temporary reduction in employees for the business, which results in negative implications.

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