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Career planning is an individual decision taken by an individual to find the job of their choice. It could involve scenarios that one goes to the career advisor, websites or inquires from family members and friends about the career they are interested in. In this scenario the person is asked various questions like: What subject should I study? What are the possibilities for the major I am taking in my current program? What should my resume include? What can I do to find the job I’m looking for? What are the activities I want to engage throughout the remainder of my existence? These questions allow one to think about their future work or career prior to going ahead with the implementation plan. This essay is a description of my plans for the career options that I am considering. It gives a comprehensive description of the economic reasons behind each possible career path as well as the academic requirements for each profession, as well as the top universities and colleges which could help me meet the academic requirements of every possible career.

Career Planning

The identification Of Careers of Choice Careers of Choice

Referring on my research on the LCCC as well as The Bureau of Labor Statistics career websites, I was able find a variety of options for careers that meet my work and career passions. These include Banking, Airline Company Financial Management and Human Resource Management among others.

The Economic Reasons for the Career Opportunities: Evaluation of My Career Opportunities


This sector provides services that range from the protection of money to the offering loan services, payment services, investment and insurance. It is divided into three broad types (that includes) commercial banks, Federal Reserve banks service cooperatives and savings and loans organizations. Within this field, around 64% of the jobs are held by office as well as the administrative officers and their staff support. Because of its huge dimension and high rate of turnover among professionals this administrative and office sector provides many more employment opportunities each year. In addition, it was reported that the banking industry employed around 1.8 million workers in the wage and wage sector and only. The promotion process from this position to the management field require individuals to have experience and skilled. Furthermore, a growth rate that is 8% predicted for this sector during the forecast period 2008-18, compared to 11% for other industries (Bureau of Labor Statistics par.23).

Airline Company Financial Management

Many government agencies, institutions or businesses are reported to employ between 1-2 financial directors every year. They are responsible for the responsibility of preparing annual financial statements, overseeing investment decisions, and developing strategic plans. The business is in high demand for those seeking jobs due to its tiny size, in addition to the qualifications and work experience requirements. The statistics show that three out of 10 professionals working in this field are employed in the insurance and finance sector.

Human Management of Resources

The sector is responsible for the task of attracting, educating and motivating the best candidates for certain positions. Due to its wide range of responsibilities the industry offers a huge job opportunity for individuals with various backgrounds. Furthermore, studies show that the sector is predicted to experience a growth rate that is higher than average (22 percent) in the years 2008-18. In 2008 the industry employed 904,900 employees spread across every sector.

My career’s academic qualifications Opportunities


The minimum requirement that you have completed high school are necessary for people who want to pursue a career in training and employment in the administrative and office sectors. For those working in the business, finance and investment sector, at least a bachelor’s degree in the field is needed. The ability to communicate effectively interpersonal, customer and business relationships skills is an added benefit. Sometimes, background information is mandatory to all workers (Bureau of Labor Statistics par.28).

Airline Company Financial management

A bachelor’s degree in the field of study must be obtained for many jobs in this field. The possession of a master’s degree or any other qualifications will give you an benefit. Furthermore, the majority of managers must have previous experience in sales and loan jobs or other relevant jobs. For the majority of financial professionals that are math-savvy, having strong interpersonal and business capabilities is a crucial aspect of your job. Additional certifications and licenses are also required for the majority of managerial positions in the financial sector (Bureau of Labor Statistics par.28).

Human Resource Management

College graduates with majors in industry, human resources, administration and labor relations are needed for the top varied jobs in this field. Since the field is diverse that means those with a wide variety of courses have more likely to be able to secure work in one of the jobs. These include courses in the social sciences, business administration and sciences, management as well as finance, law, and other subjects. A degree that is advanced will allow individuals to attain a better job in management. Experience, qualifications and advancements, as well as excellent interpersonal and communication skills are crucial in this field (Bureau of Labor Statistics par.12).

Identification of a University or College

To meet the above prerequisites for my career I was able to find several colleges and universities that offer courses that cover the three careers options. They include:


  • Albany State University School of Business
  • Baylor University – Hankamer School of Business
  • California State University

Financial Management

  • Anderson Graduate School of Management
  • Boston University School of Management
  • Clark University Graduate School of Management

Human Resource Management

  • Andrews University School of Business
  • Bradley University Foster College of Business Administration
  • California State University- Bakersfield School of Business & Public Administration


The essay provides an extensive outline of my career options in the field of financial management, banking and management of human resource. It outlines the different methods of determining these careers and the economic reasoning behind the three options along with their academic requirements, and their requirements for admission to Colleges & Universities offering courses for the three possible career paths.

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