Globalization and Careers of the The University of East London’s Students

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The decision of choosing the right profession is not an easy task for every student. In high school, students receive plenty of lectures and guidance to enable them to select the best profession. Many are aspiring to become pilots, doctors, and engineers, however, not everyone can be a part of these three professions. The parents’ vision for their child is set extremely high, which may cause the child to lose concentration and pick the wrong profession. After the student is in university, the parent is in no way in charge over what the student learns. The grade also determines what course the student is enrolled in. The courses that are taken will determine the future that the child will pursue.

The UEL is a particular institution that provides quality training to its students, preparing them for their future careers. The teaching standards are high in a variety of courses. Research is also highlighted and students are engaged in a lot of research, which helps to improve their competitiveness. Globalization has facilitated the flows of money, goods and services, as well as people and even jobs that cross borders.

There are various strategies businesses must employ to achieve an advantage on the world stage. These include creating a global network of intellectual property including capital, people, and markets worldwide, regulating the distribution channels of foreign countries, creating of distinctive products and services that can thwart the competition, and enhancing the effectiveness of each production process. These strategies require that employees who have been educated should be employed in order to help the firm achieve its goals. This paper aims to clarify how graduates view their choices for careers in context of globalization, particularly within UEL.

The UEL and its courses on careers

The UEL offers a variety of study options that allow students to select an academic subject that interests them and where they would like to work and start a career. These study areas include: Architectural, Art & Design, Biosciences, Business & Management, Computing, Education, Engineering, Finance, Economics & Accounting, Health Sciences, Humanities, Information & Communications Technologies, Law and Criminology, Media and Communications psychology, Social Sciences, Sports Sciences, Surveying and Geographical Information Science

The world is now one big village and the education system needs to concentrate on giving students an opportunity to showcase global accomplishments and empower students to compete internationally. It is evident that the UEL standards reflect the global standard and the participation of students from other regions of the globe proves this. It is evident that the UEL boasts an average male-to-female ratio of 48:52, which reflects the gender balance, as well as 80percent of home-schooled students and twenty percent of international students, reflecting the global view. The goal of providing students with education to help them be competitive globally is the primary goal of UEL and making sure that students are competitive and have an impact on their careers. UEL has continued to expand its strength in comparison to other colleges particularly in Anthropology as well as Architecture and the Visual Arts, Cultural and Media Studies and Psychology, Education, and Sport Science.

The UEL Employability Team offers many options on all campuses to assist all students build the most employable abilities that are sought-after by employers in the global market.

The school organizes regular career fairs, which provide students the chance to develop new knowledge, professional contacts and guidance on campuses. The team for employability has organised two career events, one of which is dubbed “fuel your future”. Employers and students can interact during an open-ended discussion and presentation to fully prepare the students with the necessary tools to be competitive in the global market. The employers set up stands, and students were able to see them in order to get an understanding of the requirements to be successful into such a career. Additionally, they participated in mock interview challenges as well as a look at their resumes.

UEL (university of East London) students are aware that their choices in career are influenced by globalization in different ways. Every career has been impacted from the current economic crisis. There is a massive increase in unemployment, as well as the collapse of various institutions and investment companies. This has led to students not finding work and their careers in danger of never delivering in the way they would like. Courses and career opportunities at every university are designed to make them globally competitive and have an impact, not just for students, but to the world labor market.

Students learn in a standard approach to boost the competitiveness of all levels (Newmark and Reed 2000). This encourages students to be efficient and focused on their profession to ensure that, once they have the chance, they can alter their life and positively contribute on the world. Students also learn self-reliance since the majority of classes at universities make students think independently and use survival strategies whenever the they need to. This allows students to be dependent in the future , and also to invest in their professions and consequently self-employed instead of having to depend on formal employment which could be difficult to find.

How do you run a successful career?

There are many ways to make it through the workplace. Since every university trains their students to be competitive, every student needs be focussed on finding a profession that is satisfying to him/her. A student should be optimistic regardless of what happens on the job market and should be prepared for positive outcomes (Newmark Reed and Newmark 2000). Additionally to that, students must take a proactive approach to enhance his or her skills for employment by getting the experience needed in the profession he/she wants to pursue, as well as volunteering and actively participating in co-curricular activities, building excellent relationships with referees and employers and focusing on the long-term prospects of the profession in the pursuit of its accomplishments and opportunities to broaden its scope, as well as tailoring the curriculum vitae and application to the specific career (Blossfeld and Hofmeister, 2006, p. 3.).

Careers and globalization

Brown (2003) discusses how career opportunities in transnational settings are linked to globalization and how issues of globalization can affect career prospects. Globalization is a strategy to ensure that trade barriers are as low as they can be as new international markets are made accessible, and technologies for information and communication remain up-to-date as they all impact the employment.

In Brown (2003) in Brown (2003), more than 2 million people have lost their jobs in the past few years. The impact of increased productivity and hiring and management practices have impacted the reduction in employment. However, many companies have relocated their bases from their home countries and have set up bases in affordable locations (Blossfeld, & Hofmeister, 2006, page. 6) which has led to the loss of jobs in previously occupied regions.

Social, educational and mental development on the minds of students ensure they reap most benefits of the globalization process. They will be able to get the most lucrative jobs due to the increased need for innovative and creative workers. The basic skills acquired and technological proficiency will help them succeed on the job market and help to build a solid career. Students should be able to think critically and use ability to solve problems to succeed in the ever-changing job market.

Students who are well-informed and educated are the most likely to work in offices that are interdependent which expose them to clients from different countries. This can lead to better careers than those working in local-oriented offices. The most effective tool is flexible and adaptive for students since they’re likely to gain benefits when they’re capable of adapting to changes in technology and in social settings that is usually possible for students in universities.

Globalization and education are likely to be interconnected as education impacts a variety of people across all countries where the demand for skilled and well-paid workers continue to increase. The job market in the world is overflowing by graduates of universities across the globe seeking to take advantage of the jobs and opportunities advertised, and will be more readily filled by people who have attended top internationally ranked establishments (like UEL) rather than institutions that are only local recognized locally. In fact, Brown (2003) claims that “Lifelong learning seems to be the sole way to ensure job opportunities. Education impacts not just the earning and skill of employees as well as the overall economy”.

The trends in career development have evolved from the old upward movement that brought higher income, status and power, to a lateral movement that is marked by the changing of jobs and contracts for temporary duration which allow people to move either upwards or downwards. Contracts have altered the employment career development process since their performance is the determining factor in how a career progresses. In the world, contracts are provided to fill vacant positions in skilled nations, giving the country the opportunity to build an abundance with skilled employees. Students who have already forged their careers are the most likely chances of being recruited into those posts (Blossfeld and Hofmeister 2006, p. 49).

Globalization also has resulted in unfairness in the hiring and dismissal of employees. The market has been more fair because any discrimination is viewed as a violation of contract. The employers and employees have already reached an agreement regarding the terms of employment, and this will be monitored by both sides. If an employee doesn’t comply, then the contract is breached and if the employer engages in any unjust actions, the employer is accountable for prosecution under the law. In democratic market for jobs where the employee will be more focused on performance and is not in danger of any job-related insecurity from their employer. The traditional and cultural experiences have evolved over time which provides a conducive environment for collaboration and cooperation within diverse teams and in employment opportunities (Blossfeld and Hofmeister, 2006, 24). 24,).

From a business perspective the globalization process can create the pattern of decreasing profit margins, which could result in lower cost of labor that could eventually result in outsourcing, resulting in the need for a an increased leveraged workforce to boost competitiveness for businesses. From an economic point of view it can result in the creation of a global workforce that is leveraged. In the professional sense it could lead to a an increased leveraged workforce. This implies that it will result in a loss of workers who are not skilled. These workers who are displaced will go into emerging markets, pursue into new fields of work or create competition in the local market (Pans 2005, p. 31). To ensure that graduates remain competitive in the global job market the diversification of their jobs and career paths are some of the most important choices to pursue a career which could include executive and manager positions in the service sector, sales and government jobs, healthcare sectors technicians, food service industries as well as entertainment, teaching and construction.


Globalization’s impact on market for jobs will be a huge impact for the uninformed in the world. The more educated will be competing for a bit of experience and time to show that they’re best-suited for the job market , which is more than competitive in a global marketplace. When they are hired and are hired, it is the start of an occupation that many of them have dreamed of for a large portion in their existence. Due to the fierce competition in the job market in general and the need for a globally accepted and competitive work will be an excellent option in order to make sure that one does not out of touch with this worldwide trend. Careers are not an event that happens in a single day It is a long-term time plan, and succeeding in it requires commitment, perseverance and focus as well as being up to date with developments on the world stage.

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