Interview with Registered Nurses about Career Choice

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Initiation and Statement of The Purpose

The objective of this interview is to talk with nurses who are registered and collect details about her experiences emotions, feelings, and other factors that have influenced her choice to become an in-home nurse. This will aid in understanding the motivations of health professionals and their personal experiences more clearly.

Nurse Introduction

Hello, I am RN, RN, BSN, M.A., NE-BC. In the present I am averaging 15 years of experience in the health care sector. It is an extremely complex job that can bring many challenges. But, it can be a rewarding and interesting experience.

Nurse Grants Verbal Permission to Interview and Submitting

I am adamant that the information given by me during the interview will be used for education purpose by the students. I recognize the importance of sharing experience and the role it plays for future nurses.

Questions and Answers

Primary Question 1.

What are your top memories from your time at nursing school?

One of the best memories was the knowledge that the information we received throughout the course could be utilized to assist individuals recuperate. This realization was among the most satisfying memories.


Which was your initial moment that you made you’d be a nurse?

I was responsible for caring for my mother who was sick. She was sick and I had to help her. I realized that these tasks were enjoyable to me and I longed to become an nurse.

Follow-up B

What did your classmates or teachers influence your growth as nurse?

The instructors were the most significant individuals who assisted me to develop as they gave me the information I required and helped to develop more understanding. Additionally, sometimes, classmates would share details that were useful and formed the basis for my development.

Primary Question 2.

How did you improve nurses’ quality practices in your professional profession?

I fully understand that the job of a nurse requires continuous advancement as new challenges that are appearing each day. To this end, I try to find new books and study them in order to maintain the highest level of proficiency.


How else could you be prepared for the growing role that nurses will be doing in the health system we have today?

As I mentioned I’ve always strived to broaden my knowledge and enhance my abilities. This is why I looked at new methods and guidelines which can be applied today by health professionals to ensure they are ready to assist clients.

Follow-up B

How have your improved capabilities and knowledge changed the way you influence patients’ outcomes?

Positive. I’m certain that I can provide better care and my clients’ results are far better. It’s a result of having a better understanding of modern techniques and how they can be applied.

Primary Question 3

Do you remember any experience you’ve had that makes you feel of being lost in nurses’ professions?

Yes, sure. Certain situations made me a bit confused. The majority cases, they’re caused by the death of patients or serious complications that affected patients in different ways.

Follow-up an

What challenges have you encountered during the time you were preparing to become a nurse specialist?

Insufficient information on illnesses and patients, together with financial problems, could be considered to be the biggest obstacle that hinder the treatment of clients and improving their state of health. These are my view as the most pressing issues.

Follow-up B

What steps did you do to cope with those tough situations or issues?

I am always trying to establish positive relationships with my patients in order to gather all the information they need about them. I also employ models that are acknowledged by the patients. I’m sure this helps in improving outcomes and helping patients recover quicker.

Primary Question 4

What have you done to contribute to the field of nursing or nursing history?

I am certain that each nurse in the health care sector is a part of its growth. We interact with patients and provide a unique experience that could be utilized by new nurses to improve their effectiveness. This is extremely crucial, I believe.


What particular changes did you made in your work environment?

I believe that better time management is among the most important changes that I made. It has helped me perform more efficiently and divide tasks in a manner that was convenient for me.

Follow-up B

What made working in this area become your new passion?

I believe that many health professionals are likely to give similar responses. We want to assist people and see their smiles on their faces. This is the greatest incentive for myself and my coworkers.

Primary Question 5

Who is your most favored nurse from the nursing profession?

Florence Nightingale, one of the pioneers in modern-day nursing. She developed the foundation which was later used by other experts to develop an outline that could be beneficial to others and their states.


Nursing history is filled with many significant pioneers, but is there a particular one that inspires your love for the field?

I’m not sure. It is evident that I am influenced by famous individuals However, the job is what draws me in the most. It is ideal to help people recover and feel better.

Follow-up B

What nurse has had an impact on your own nursing?

I would say that all nurses , or nurse-theorists, have influenced my work. I employ their methods along with their theories and models and their advice for working with my clients. Because of this, every famous nurse are considered to be my teachers.



Thank you for taking part during the discussion. I’m certain that this info will assist you to better understand the nursing profession and its motifs more clearly, which is crucial for potential colleagues.


We discovered that nurses may be influenced by different themes; but they are bound by the notion that they are there to help people recover. This is the principal motivation that allows them to grow and get better each day.

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