My Career in Marketing Management

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Marketing is a method of communication used by institutions, individuals and even managerial entrepreneurs to create and connect with customers who may be dealers or customers. This process helps companies offer and receive products and services from their customers, partners customers, partners, or the entire society both nationally and internationally. Marketing is the basis for establishing a business climate which is the primary reason why having a degree in marketing is a major asset in the growth of many companies. The entire process is the primary basis for the selection of an organization’s marketing segment (American Marketing Association, 2007 Para. 4).

The success of any business venture or enterprise is dependent on the managerial and marketing skills utilized by the company or business when it is time to transfer its goods to clients who are the primary customers. Management of marketing is an subject with all the potential dynamic comprising modalities, methods and practices of a business. This aids in the implementation of accurate and readily available knowledge and techniques to ensure the achievement of the company. The function of marketers is to make sure that they have more influence on customer knowledge, a proper instances schedules, and delineating and anticipating the demand in relation to the production of commodities. For a student studying marketing they will have these subjects to master that have a broad application in the field of management. My MBA is a research-based course that is focused on real-world application and the business context. The abilities acquired are derived from commercial norms, types of engagement, and the size of business. If the business is larger, then marketers require more skills to run it effectively (Conley and Friedenwald 2006 pp.7-9).

Marketing Management is crucial to the Graduation

A master’s degree in management of marketing provides insight for students who make logical decisions in the realm of marketing and business in a rapidly growing market filled with demands and liquidities. Businesses require brand identity and media residencies, a proper distribution of products and clear and precise management to succeed in selling the goods. That’s what I learned during my degree in marketing. The vast knowledge of the needs of customers and their responses gained in the classroom is a determining force that plays a crucial role in determining the needs of the customers via brands and the marketing strategies used to ensure the benefit of the company. A degree in marketing can give one a perspective on how to design a strategy which will allow one to estimate the profits of a particular brand or product. In addition these calculations can help the company to ensure that the success of all its products in both production and sales (Jenkinson 2005, pp.248-252).

There are those who claim that everyone is a professional in marketing, whether they have the right degree or not. But a master’s degree in marketing opens people to research in marketing that someone with no background in marketing research can’t do. There must be a shared understanding of the concept of strategic marketing which is the primary source of consumer behaviour and traits. In order to master the art of strategic marketing, one must acquire the skills taught in classes by experts who have been through the market’s developments. Strategic marketing is a set of elements that create an environment for business, which lets the focus of resources within a company. This allows for an increasingly competitive market, with more sales through the use of the right marketing strategies. The main function of marketers is to make sure satisfaction of customers which is the primary goal of obtaining a degree in marketing. A marketing degree covers strategic models, diverse types of methods, strategies and the steps to follow as well as, most importantly strategic corporate ideas. A degree in marketing helps individuals to focus and concentrate on modalities that increase sales and possibly get to the target market.

Marketers’ abilities learned in class are essential in promoting products manufactured by firms. If companies need to market their goods efficiently and generate profits that are higher and increase profits, they must begin with effective product marketing. In contrast making sound judgments about the cost of products, top distribution facilities, and excellent relationships with other stakeholders can boost a company’s position on the ladder of economic success. Making sure that sales procedures are in place correctly determines the amount of income generated by companies which is largely dependent on the marketing strategies. If ineffective marketing strategies are employed, what businesses expect is poor business transactions triggered by a lack of demand from their customers, who use products manufactured by different companies. The marketing strategy component of marketing management allows marketers to set and manage the goals of a company. This is due to the fact that they assist in determining if a market is viable that is highly demanded and the best time and place to launch market campaigns. Additionally, they assist in determining how a business can divide resources among all departments in order to be successful in their business.

By gaining knowledge the art of marketing, marketers can master the art of dealing with clients who form the primary source of revenue for a company’s. Anyone who is aspiring to be marketers must be able to effectively use the knowledge of customers in determining their needs and rebuffs. Furthermore, experience helps in knowing how to locate a suitable market where demand is high and competition is at its high points. A career in marketing requires the marketer to possess a wealth of abilities in relation to the corporate goals, operations and policies that determine the business’s performance in terms of demand and sales. Furthermore, a degree in marketing can be full of useful knowledge about the market’s trends, from capitalism to dominance (Bush Shannahan & Dupuis, 2007 pp.40-45). One can distinguish the different kinds of market trends such as the follower or a niche competitor and a market leader therefore, making a good decision on what is the best thing to bring to an existing market. This will in turn enhance competition and lead to massive demand for the products manufactured. Gaining market dominance is not innate, but learned through experience and learning. experiences in the field of marketing.

Development of new products and an effective strategy framework are an integral component of the job of a professional in marketing. Market segmentation and differentiation of products are the strategies of leadership acquired through study, and the ability to communicate plays a significant aspect in ensuring the effectiveness of a company’s marketing plans. Marketers can develop marketing strategies for their businesses later in their careers due to the fact that they are knowledgeable about the subject. However, demand creation requires convincing consumers to buy costly and low-cost products by the proper sensitization of these products. A majority of actions taken by marketers are aimed at influencing customers. These actions includes preparing research proposals, determining cost of products (in an environment of competition) as well as delivering the right promotional services and an efficient distribution of the product to prospective customers. Market segmentation strategies aid in resolving the multifaceted issues that arise from the strategies for marketing of a particular company’s market segmentation.

Every business, whether large or small requires ethical business practices and compliance with legal requirements for business. Strategies employed by marketers during the process of internalization will be based on the quantity of information gained through education. The company’s reputation as well as its business environment are enhanced through research and consumerist initiatives which is why they must consider a variety of marketing aspects (Maignan and Ferrel 2005, pp.3-5). Strategic marketing strategies derived from professional marketers attempt to solve complicated questions, that will determine the viability of the company. Through study, marketers can identify their strengths as well as weaknesses a company accomplishments, as well as customer demands. Researchers can also discover ways to increase the organization’s promotional efforts to draw larger numbers of customers. Marketing and management of the organization can understand business behaviour through analytical analysis of the needs from the feasibility of market. This sends a signal to the business and the marketers to take various measures or implement new methods to tackle issues that could lead to compromise the entrepreneurial atmosphere of an organisation.


In conclusion, marketers are the main force behind companies and businesses of all kinds If the sale of products and demand from customers are in doubt, then the ability of companies should be questioned as to the possibilities of the marketers. The most successful marketers have the ability to translate their knowledge into products. In the context of marketing both the company as well as the consumers view the products as clarifications, while promotions provide a portfolio of demands from the customers. A set price for products and services adds value to the business, and has to generate sufficient revenue to fund expansion and to ensure business health. If an organisation or company distributes products and services according to the expertise of marketer, there will be a greater ease of access of these goods to customers which will result in a higher demand. In general, a degree in marketing is essential for businesses to flourish as it allows one to utilize it in the development of effective marketing strategies, increasing demands from customers, creating research proposals and determining an appropriate market.

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