Professional Career of an NFL Player Analysis of Self-Analysis

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The position of an NFL player has many benefits for a person. However, at the that it also comes with specific challenges and difficulties. Anyone who wants to be NFL players must undergo a variety of preparatory and training sessions that prepare them for their NFL career physically as well as that is not of less importance, mentally. The job in the NFL is associated with lots of physical pressure which can be felt in games and during training sessions and also the emotional stress that occurs every time an athlete is required to stand in front of 50, 000 fans who attended the arena to observe play (NFL Web Site, 2008).


In addition, the profession that being an NFL player is quite a public job, which requires a lot of public involvement for players. The activities range from attending numerous charity events organized by the team that the player is part of and NFL to filming ads for television and appearing in various television shows and programmes. The company, naturally will expect the highest level of involvement from the player in his team. The amount of use is determined by the player’s actions during games, and also how well-known the player’s appearance in public, which can bring additional revenue for the team. Sometimes, the extra profits from a player’s participation part of a team is greater than what his individual skills can be able to bring (Raiders Website 2008).

Preparation for NFL Career

The Initial Stages

If you want to be an NFL player, a significant amount of training is required to reach the standards required for this particular league. Every player begins his professional career while playing on the school team. Later, it progresses to university level however, many quit their efforts to make a name for themselves after high school. Even if a player succeeds and becomes one of the top players on his university or college team however, you can’t guarantee they will be an elite player. To do this, each beginner player must possess certain traits that are not shared by all players.


The endurance of the body and mind is crucial for NFL players, and those who are looking to become one need to undergo special training beyond their sports activities at college. This is the only way that people will be able to achieve the physical requirements suitable for the NFL however it’s not all that is required. Teams are typically governed by their own preferences when selecting players in drafts. So, the player who would like to be chosen must possess particular qualities that are personal to him or her or be charismatic enough it is possible to convince the team’s officials to choose him (Ross 1999).


Langevity and Other Perspectives

Because of the numerous preparations and exercises that players need to go through up to get physically and emotionally prepared to begin their NFL professional careers, time during their time in the game may be quite different. The average lifespan for NFL players is between 10 to 15 years. However, there are instances where players were in the game for more than 20 years. Naturally, such instances were typical of the early days of NFL where physical stress was not as intense and players didn’t have to spend all their energy making their way through their careers.

Training and games didn’t require as much endurance due to the speed of play was slower. The situation today has changed and the pace increased, and the length of careers diminishes. In the same way players are more likely to alter their positions on the field due to their age and pick ones that require less of energy, such as punters, backs, etc. In addition, former NFL players are well-positioned for employment, since they could become coaches for NFL teams. If they do not wish to be tied into the NFL are able to become teachers of physical training , or pursue other jobs that are connected to sports. There are also opportunities for them to pursue commerce or business (NFL 2007).

Salary and Benefits

NFL players make high wages throughout their careers. The amounts of their salaries are dependent on the effectiveness of the game as well as the benefits their activities outside of the game provide on the field. The salaries of NFL players differ, however the reality is that they earn higher than other sportsmen, with the possible exception of basketball, soccer and boxing professional. This table shows salary growth for Chicago Bears, Oakland Raiders and New York Giants (Giants Web Site 2008).

It reveals that over the past few years , teams have begun to pay more to their players. The table also lets you draw decisions about the advantages of teams as well as the total amount they spend. It covers previous four years of development of NFL and illustrates the growing popularity and the profitability of this game for both players and team owners. (NFL 2007, 2007):

Chicago median salary$592, 200$459, 290$714, 290$773, 025
Oakland median salary$560, 600$555, 200$640, 000$865, 000
New York med. salaries$708, 100$660, 000$854, 250$723, 750
Total profit$692 million$805 million$890 million$930 million
Complete expeditiation$51,348 mln$75, 751$90, 869$104, 151

Job Expectations

Apart from the expense to pay players’ salaries Teams must also ensure that their players have a safe and comfortable environment to work in. players to ensure the best performance. This is done by offering automobiles and accommodations to players from different cities. In addition, financial aids are offered to players who are new to teams, so that they can be able to live comfortably without having to worry regarding food or clothing and could focus on their game.

Players are also supplied with all the required equipment to help them train and recover from injuries that they sustain during games. The location of the team is equally important, and teams, to draw the most skilled players, attempt to establish teams in highly regarded regions. This shows that those who wish to become NFL players aren’t looking just for fame and accomplishment, but also for wealth and money also, since having the status of an NFL player can be quite beneficial to a person (NFL Website 2008).


In conclusion we can conclude it is true that NFL is a very successful organization that gets ever more well-known across the USA and around the world. The people who wish to become NFL players must undergo a lot of testing and training, but should they be selected by an NFL team, they have the chance to earn a good living and become well-known. NFL players not only benefit from their wages, but also from contracts for advertising which are provided to them by a variety of companies who wish to see their product be advertised by famous people.

Furthermore, NFL players have nice perspectives when they retire due to their professional skills and fame give them jobs and opportunities to establish their own companies. A NFL player is someone who makes a lot of money doing the work he loves as a football player and winning prizes and cups.

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