Social Work Practice Employment Experience and Career Development

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The best life you can have and having a career that is profitable is the goal of every professional. Social work is a different matter but, the ability to change the lives of individuals brings satisfaction to the person who is working. That means that well thought out plans and commitment are required whenever work is performed. Social wellbeing and improvement can make the work that of social workers distinct and distinct from other professions since it seeks to improve the quality of life for people or groups, communities and even entire societies (Balloch Et al. 1998).

This paper is focused on working experience and how it can contribute to advancing your career in the field of social work. It describes the various experiences one goes through while working in the field, so that they can to fulfill their dream of changing the world (Popple and Leslie 2008). The many experiences of a child as well as youth work, teacher assistant and family support worker as well as a secretary or administrator are discussed along with their role when becoming a professional social worker. The paper focuses on the issues of having experiences with Psychology, Sociology, Social Policy and the safeguarding of all vulnerable individuals, and ensures a better social Work practice.

Relevant work experience

home care worker

Experience as a Home Care Worker can be a huge help to the development of a career as social worker since it will give you firsthand knowledge of how to offer and coordinate care for the disabled, elderly and others in the community. It will help ensure that experience is gained from the provision of and coordination of personal care for people living who live at home. One of the goals is to provide those who would like to remain in their home and have the chance and assistance to remain in their home with the confidence that they will receive the assistance they require to lead a full and independent life.

To do this job, it is crucial that one can effectively communicate as well as possessing an excellent interpersonal, decision making and time management skills together with a keen awareness and communications skills (Waine and co. 2005). This job involves the handling of other tasks that include housekeeping and meals on wheels medical hygiene and first aid and general health check-ups on patients. It is essential to be extremely critical in the analysis of all issues and effective in making decisions.

Children and Youth Worker

Working as a volunteer children and Youth Worker enables the chance to learn about the key factors that are essential to establishing the foundation for being a Social Worker. The work that is done on a voluntary basis in this field allows the development of abilities like the creation of strategies that will help realize the vision of what’s expected of the position and the business in general. It is not without its difficulties but,

Wittenberg 2003 in his book , suggests that youth can be disruptive, while youngsters are extremely delicate to manage; this need extra care when handling with them as well as taking care of the children. The author also states that children cannot be anticipated, so it is necessary to be skilled in methods to counter inappropriate behaviour. This includes recruiting, educating as well as equipping, encouraging and assisting children, and also organizing holidays, the organization of special events , and ensuring the ongoing development of children. It is essential to be active and imaginative to keep the children engaged and entertained to maintain peace and harmony.

Teacher Assistant

It’s the duty of a teacher assistant to make sure that they aid the children to understand the curriculum that they are learning. Teachers also make sure that the classroom environment is conducive to learning and that the concerns of both students and parents are properly addressed. These abilities will be of huge value to me as well as to others I collaborate with as social workers. (Many programs in which teachers are needed are for highly technical subjects like art, music, or children with special requirements. The teacher assistant should be highly proficient in planning, communicating and supervising, organized as well as literate and disciplined.

Family Support Worker

The majority of families who have psychological issues are offered emotional support from family support workers. The range of advice offered by the family support workers covers topics like parenting, drugs marital problems, disputes within the family. The right advice and decisions is essential as the family unit is one which affects society in general. The experience required is gained through working in various areas like children’s homes youth work projects and family community centers. nursing homes, and probations.

It is essential to be a good communicater and also extremely sensitive. Highly informative advice is required and the person who is giving advice should be aware about the effects of the advice provided. Additionally, the employee must be an optimistic thinker, and emotionally stable as well as impartial and non-judgmental and determined to follow-up in the many cases concerned (Waine and others. 2005). A good listening ability and patience are required and be flexible with the strategies used. The management of time is vital at this point.


The administrator/secretary provides vital experience in building a professional social career; this is because the administrator is a vital component of the company’s success. They also play a crucial importance to the company’s running and achieving success. They oversee and execute processes required by management. They are accountable for the implementation of projects within the organization (Wittenberg 2003). They will develop the skills of a supervisor that can transfer to their professional careers as social worker. This program provides students with useful and transferable skills as well as information that they can utilize in the advancement of other trainings and career goals in order to become social workers.

When you are a secretary or administrator, you are the primary contact point for the business, therefore your role as an ambassador for the company is crucial. You need to be able multitask but you must also be able to communicate effectively not only with the people whom you work with, but also with individuals from different backgrounds. This job requires interpersonal skills, so you need to be a person who enjoys engaging with others and working. Organization is an essential skill in addition to being able to function effectively in a group. This is crucial because often, for instance as a student you’ll have to work with other students to achieve your the educational objectives.

Professional expectations for the position

After having gained the diverse experience in the previously mentioned fields, you are now ready to step into an entirely higher degree of professionalism. This will give you the confidence and competence to pursue a professional education and begin the job. A career in the field of professional will aim to enhance the lives of individuals as well as groups or communities. This experience is essential and helps to grow, especially with voluntary programs like in the context of care e.g. through the work and raising of children. The next step in developing skills and an the area of focus to grow further include working with children and their families, since the abilities gained in this type of environment will be extremely beneficial in the career of social workers.

The responsibilities and duties in the position

The primary goal of social work is providing the right information, guidance, and help to parents as well as the people who care for their children within the Barnet Catchments area to help them improve their parenting skills in an effort to boost their children’s emotional and social development, capacity to gain and learn health information in order to ensure your children’s wellbeing. As a volunteer, the primary tasks are to visit the family that is having issues within the family and requires assistance and guidance and a person who they can communicate with and develop an alliance with (Wittenberg 2003).).

It is essential to assist in the area of childcare concerns; such as, if the parent isn’t sure how to interact with or provide for their child appropriately, the volunteer is able to collaborate with the appropriate experts to help the parent to overcome the problem. For example, if there are issues like leaving the home to go out for tasks, the volunteer could assist by taking the family members to Doctors appointments or shopping days to get away from home, and also be active, gaining important skills, such as managing time.

It is the Family Support Worker

Family support workers provides care the children of parents who may have issues with drugs, misuse, jail time, marital, financial or terrible parenting. They had flexible hours based on what needs to for families affected, demonstrating to parents how to look after their family until they can manage the family on their own, and not playing the role of a family member. The best time to visit is when families with children are together , such as early in the morning.

The work that they perform for a variety of families differ based on the recommendations from their social workers and the family’s demands. Family support’s roles include helping parents by making sure the child’s are healthy and clean to promote healthy growth and development. They also serve as a source of disciplining actions, teaching children good manners at school, at home as well as in public.

When there is a crisis, for instance, when a child is neglected, the support worker for the family is able to stay in the home until the child is taken care of in a different way and help the social worker assess the situation within the family of the child after recovery. They can assist parents in getting experience in the control of family budgets.

Evaluate/analyse self development


Social work isn’t easy, particularly for a novice beginning; however, the effort, if approached with a positive attitude will result in an exciting professional life in which one is able to test what they have learned. Internships and connections also aid in the development of learning in the present and the future and helps in the actions that must be completed before reaching the final goal. It also provides suggestions on how to evaluate oneself in order to get the best job.

Popple & Leslie 2008 suggests that this enables individuals to be productive at work and develop the social skills needed for professional success including diplomatic communication, creativity confidence, confidentiality, and teamwork.

Career aims

Each person has their own aspirations in life. If you are into social service work,, the goal is to become an expert in child psychology. This field has a lot of possibilities and can be an ideal career choice since it involves working with children and the youngsters in the society. As a child psychologist, you work with children and parents that are struggling in school, or even at home. resolve issues and make changes the issues. It is a great way the lives of children and families.

This guarantees accessibility to Social Work to all and required experience in related professions that include: Psychology Sociology, Psychology and Social Policy and the safeguarding of all people who are vulnerable and their families, Social Work practice, math and studying skills. With the objective already in place, the way to get there can be set easily because one has the necessary skills and knowledge to acquire.

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