The reason why a career as an E-Business Consultant is The Best Choice for Me?

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In order to be successful in any job hunt, one must be aware of the various kinds of jobs available. Self-assessments are crucial to figure out what they can excel at and then to specialize in that field. The rate of unemployment is increasing at a rapid rate. Many people are now educated which makes it harder for them to find the job of their dreams. This is due to the fact that most people who are intelligent believe they are only qualified to do jobs in white colors. It is essential for youngsters to become imaginative and ingenuous and think of new concepts. As technology is advancing, it appears we’ll be increasingly dependent upon the web for our everyday tasks. Today, the majority of processes are electronic and therefore e-commerce has been able to become one of the biggest career options. Companies are selling their goods online and this makes their work much easier. It is now an effective medium for advertising and new products are released on the internet (McGuigan 1.). In this essay, I’ll provide an overview of my qualifications and skills which make me believe that a career as an e-business expert is the most suitable for me. I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this career path and conclude by stating my opinion.

Business is becoming the most rewarding career choice to get into, due to the small amount of jobs open worldwide. It’s a kind of self-employment where the employee is creative and comes up with innovative ideas. In business, it’s more exciting and adventurous than working in a formal job. You can use the knowledge gained in efficient processes by being imaginative. Nowadays, more and more individuals are pursuing business as a profession and this is positively impacting the economy. The reason is that businesses provide jobs and increase the income of the country. Information technology is growing at the fastest pace and I think that entering into the business directly linked to technology could be extremely profitable. Many businesses have embraced the concept of e-business to help with marketing in which they market their products (McGuigan 1). A majority of these businesses aren’t well-versed in marketing strategies, particularly online, and this provides me with the opportunity to explore e-commerce as consultant.

Being an E-Business consultant is challenging and requires confidence to deal with clients. I’m an excellent communicator that will allow me to in influencing my clients while I try to persuade and negotiate interest in them. Based on the skills I’ve gained from classes and seminars, I believe that I’m a qualified candidate to become an e-business consultant. I’ll be able to bring value to the world of e-business with regards to growth. I’ve always been interested in marketing, and this will allow me to demonstrate my expertise in the field of marketing. I’ve conducted some research about the different strategies used in marketing and it will assist me to excel in my field. I am a social person and love making friends and helping people who are feeling down. This has assisted me to improve my interpersonal skills. With this I will be the most effective marketer around. I also have advanced knowledge of computers and the internet generally, and this will allow me to advance the level of my profession (Anon. “The traits of an entrepreneur who succeed” 5.).

I’ve always had a goal of creating a positive impact and adding value to everything I do. I’d prefer to work in an environment that fosters the creative and ingenuity. I’ve always dreamed of being in a place where my skills and experience can be beneficial to many. As an E-Business consultant, I can provide advice, specific skills or knowledge to clients of e-business to help them increase their sales, or boost the efficiency of their business. I will advise clients on the most effective strategies to employ, assist in identifying alternatives, offer suggestions and aid with the implementation of the suggested solutions. Researching for academic purposes writing term papers, and business plans are always a source of motivation for me. I’ve developed a love to conduct research, particularly on the internet, books, journals articles, newspapers, and articles. I consider it to be the responsibility as an E-business expert conduct research that is aimed to promote the products and services provided by e-businesses. they are accountable for developing positive relationships between the e-business development and their customers. They accomplish this by having a deep understanding of their clients’ requirements, ensuring that the products they offer are within their own environment, and collecting feedback that aids in improving the product and growth. It’s the responsibility of an e-business consultant to find new opportunities for e-business through customers and market analysts and aid the business in grow these opportunities.

One benefit of working as an online business consultant is the possibility of working for yourself. It is not always easy to provide the self-satisfaction people are looking for and it becomes boring when you repeat the same process repeatedly. One must be creative and be curious about the world around them and e-business is a great opportunity for me. It is possible to work from any location, for instance working from home, at the office, in roads and other areas (Beca 2.). It provides a broad area of coverage and the ability to be employed by many companies across the globe. It also gives the opportunity to get access to a variety of information, improving one’s understanding. One can become more flexible and capable of finding enough time to handle other tasks like household chores.

I am convinced that I am qualified to become an e-business consultant and I’m ready to face the challenge. Every business has its own advantages and disadvantages associated with it. I am aware of numerous flaws associated with the profession I’ve chosen (being an e-business consultant). The first is that not all companies see the necessity of hiring an expert. They think that they can market their products themselves which makes consulting services not productive. At times, it can be difficult to convince a customer that the consultant will be competent to provide high-quality services since the majority of clients think that consultants are only seeking their profits. They charge very high rates and it is very difficult for some companies to employ one (Anon. “Advantage Negatives of E-Business” 6.).

In the end, I’d say entrepreneurs are among the most influential individuals in the world of business. The people should be more imaginative and create enterprises. We shouldn’t be focusing on how for employment, and instead consider ways we can make employment. There are a myriad of opportunities to work from home, but it takes the ability to think clearly and network before they can even be realized. Following my studies, I would prefer to enter the world of e-business and based on what I’ve learned, I’ll be able to give helpful advice to my clients. I’ll be able to explore the world and find new opportunities that can benefit myself and my clients. E-business is an unpredictability There are a lot of benefits and drawbacks and therefore one must be aware and do a lot of study prior to deciding whether or not to go into it.

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